True/False or Total Bull

And…… the winner is…… Thoughts!

The #2 story is the true one.

The farm we lived on when I was a kid, was about 50 feet from a main highway, and we had a lot of roadkill, including many of the cats we kept to keep down the vermin population in the barn.

One of the cats had kittens just a couple of days before getting killed on our highway, and Boots (the black and white one) and Rocky (the one getting nibbled) were the only 2 that survived until I could find them in the barn.  I proceeded to bring them in the house, and against my parents’ wishes, stated that I was going to make them live.  My folks thought I was crazy, that there was no way I’d be able to take care of 2 newborn kittens, all by myself, and they were not going to help me.  They were pretty sure the kittens would be too frail to make it.

But, I talked my mom into taking me to the local farm-supply store, where I was lucky enough to find 2 tiny baby-doll bottles that had rubber nipples on them, and I proceeded to care for the boys, keeping them in a cardboard box, next to the radiator in my room.  Luckily, it was summer-time, so I could care for them throughout the day, and every night, I got up and fed and washed them off, just like their mama would have done.

The boys lived, becoming monster tom-cats.  Boots was more of a home-body, and was kind of the “Grand-Poobah” on the farm, often found babysitting the new kittens.  He didn’t care whether they were his offspring or not, he just cared that they cuddled up next to him and kept him warm in the sunshine.

Rocky was a roamer, but he always returned to the farm for visits.  Rocky and Boots got along perfectly, as though they knew that they were brothers, and didn’t have to fight over anything.  Strange for tom-cats to get along like that, but they did.

The rest of the stories?  Totally made up, with help from YoungerDaughter.  I did used to try trick-riding on my horse, but I was too chicken to stand up without something to hang on to; I did watch a lot of Star Trek, but never wore dresses if I could help it as a kid; and I was on TV in college, but for the Concordia Christmas Concert on PBS, not for any dating show. 

So, there you go.  A little truth, a lot of false, and a HUGE load of BULL… er… cats.

Have a great weekend, my friends!