Timing is Everything

I’m so glad I’m able to post things to my blog from my phone. And that WordPress allows me enough autonomy to set up “timed” posts.

Because I ended up with another migraine, today, and wouldn’t have been able to post anything coherent.

I’ve been trying really hard to post on a more regular basis, after having been mostly absent from the blogging world for a while, and have been mostly successful on that score.  It’s been helping me a lot, while I try to figure out what’s going on inside my head, and in my life.

There have been a lot of changes in my life over the last 5 years, since my divorce, that I haven’t completely processed, so I’m working on them.

There are going to be a lot of changes going on in my life over this upcoming year, as well, so I’m also trying to get a jump on that.

Luckily, WordPress makes it possible for me to type posts whenever I want, and set a time and day for them to appear on my blog, so I do try to space those out, but sometimes I forget, as I’m wont to do, occasionally.

So, if you see posts popping up, seemingly randomly, or a bunch all in one day, that’s why. 

I’m working, internally, on a lot of stuff, right now, so please excuse if I overload a little.