Wear Something Black

I’ve been mulling over a new story, & the title of this post will the biggest hint.

Today was Turkey Day, so I spent a few hours with my parents. I don’t get to see them much, with the way things are right now, so it was good to share a meal.

Turkey Day has never really been a favorite holiday for me, ever since I was little. It was all food, football, dishes, & being told to keep my nice clothes nice. Me being the HUMONGOUS tomboy, hated that. It was a day of varied tortures, broken up with some passable snacks.

Buut, anywhozits, that’s just the highlight reel of the day.

I had to stop in, to share something here that I feel is probably inappropriate to share on fb, today of all days… I don’t want to upset anyone on one of their high holy days…

So, fuck it. I’m posting it here.

As you might know, if you’ve read some of my other posts, I have a dark, morbid sense of humor. I’m also on tiktok, which is an important aside.

So! I was watching vids on my fyp (For you page) & this video came up of an exhumation of an old gravesite. From the background music, you could tell that something was going to go wrong in just a few seconds.

Well, yeah, duh. The cement lid was lifted, without the casket…and underneath was a grave filled with brackish water.

Not inappropriate yet, folks, just the facts.

Sooo, being curious & slightly confused as to the missing context of the video, I opened up the comments to see if the creator had left any info there.

What I found was someone with the same twisted humor as myself.

Commenter: I LOVE 🖤 unboxing videos!

*cue choking laughter*

Annnd, I’m done.😂