You CAN Stop The Signal

Or, at least, I can.


As for the vague Firefly reference, I’ve stopped the signal, sort of, at my house.

Ever since EldestDaughter & Schnicklefritz left last week, my house has been oddly quiet. Even more oddly than just the usual lack of kidly noises…

Because I haven’t turned on my TV in 8 days.

I know… odd.

I’m not much of a TV person, anyway, since I gave up cable last year, confining  my viewing to Netflix & movies from my own collection. And, I didn’t even really watch much of that, either, usually using it as just “background noise” while I worked on other things.

But I haven’t even played one of my games in that 8 days either – which for me, is odd. I love playing Fallout 3 or 4 after a rough day.  Taking down super mutants, raiders & deathclaws is a good de-stresser for me.

But, I’ve been too tired, I guess. Preferring the natural sounds of the birds chirping outside,  & my dog in the backyard,  barking into the air for no reason, it’s just…quiet.

It didn’t start out on purpose,  I swear. It was more or less just me, tired out after a long day at work. Hurting from the medical crap I still have plaguing me, & the combination of those things, plus the medications I take to mitigate both anxiety & pain… and you have insta-zombie.

Able to watch time whoosh by and disappear without lifting a finger.

And, then it’s bedtime for Bonzo.

So it just continued, night after night, me, staring my way through an evening, maybe working on a craft for a few minutes… but mostly, just…zoned.

Until, here we are. Day 8 of the Dead Zone.

Will it continue?
Will the TV ever live again?
Stay tuned, Mousketeers, and we’ll see you here – same bat time, same bat channel, later this week with an answer!

*cue white noise *