Old Yarns, and a New Thing!

Yeah, it’s late.  12:53 AM, to be precise.  But I wanted to post this before it toppled out the back of my head and was lost forever.

I have multiple flash fiction stories that I wrote on here, and on the other blogs I’ve had in the past… and I’m going to re-post them here again.

I’m actually missing the 1st year of posts on here, since I started posting in 2009… ah well.  No crying over the spilt water under the bridge.

I’ll post the flash fiction that I have in my laptop’s archives, and have done with it.


I’m happy to report… I’ve convinced OnlySon to be a guest blogger next Friday to write the Friday Flash Fiction!  So, stay tuned.  I’m not allowed to edit anything, mom, unless he changes his mind between here and then – at least maybe the grammar and spelling?

Please?  Maybe?

*crossing fingers*

So, stay put – I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!


Flash Fiction Friday ~ The Sunday Paper

friday flash

Mom smashed all the dishes that day.

Even the good, “Gramma’s Sunday night, fried chicken dinner” dishes.

And once it was over, ragged tears, incoherent screaming, shards of porcelain and glass shattered everywhere on the kitchen tile floor…

Mom sat in the corner, knees pulled up tight to her chest, arms wrapped around them – and wept.  Huge, sobbing gasps of grief.  And in her hands, a wad full of paper, spotted with her blood, tiny cuts from the smashed dishes all over the backs of her hands.

Neither of us kids knew what to do with this keening woman, who, just yesterday, was the picture of maternal domesticity; and yet today, was reduced to a mass of frayed nerves and horrid weeping.

Finally, Jake tiptoed carefully through the minefield of broken dishware, and knelt down close to Mom,

“Mama?  What’s the matter, Mama?” Jake leaned in, barely whispering.

“Gone, all gone,” Mom lifted her head from her knees, excruciatingly slowly, as though it weighed too much to support.  “They’re all gone, there’s nothing left.”

“Yes, Mama, all the dishes are gone.  Why’d you break them, Mom?  Are you mad at something – is there something you need?”  my brother reached out to brush the bangs out of Mom’s eyes, but stopped just short of actually touching, not sure if he should.

“Gone… all gone” and Mom dropped her head back to her knees, dropping the papers she’d been holding to the floor.  Only they weren’t papers – but pictures.

“Jake,” a harsh whisper came from my own lips, ragged and halting, “Come to the living room, now, I’ve got to tell you something.”

Jake looked down at Mom’s hands, gasped and shot his eyes back to me, standing in the doorway, shock clear on his face.

“Come to the living room, Jake.  Now.”

Nodding his head, my brother rose and followed me into the next room, glancing once over his shoulder to where our mom still sat, slowly collapsing into the fetal position on the floor.

“Jake, Mom’s not talking about the dishes being gone,”  I shook my head in sudden understanding.

“What was that in her hand, Bex?  Were those our pictures on that paper?  Why would our pictures be on that paper, Bex?  And where’s Dad?  Shouldn’t he be here?  I mean, he came and picked us up after the game, brought us h–…”  Jake’s voice squeaked on the last word, raising a shaking hand to his mouth.

“Jake, Dad’s not here… and I don’t think we ever came home…”

We both stopped, turned, and watched… as Mom picked up this Sunday’s newspaper obituaries section… one picture standing out to us both… Me, Jake, and Dad…. smiling in black and white at the camera.

Flash Fiction ~ Friday the 13th Edition

It’s been a while…


Genna’s chai tea was cold.  And chai was not improved through cooling off.  It was always better when it was scalding hot, with just a touch of honey in with the milk and spices.  If you could gulp it down, it wasn’t right.  It should be sipped slowly, almost painfully, in order to really be good.

But it had been sitting too long.

Just like Genna.  And she was rapidly moving in the opposite temperature direction from her tea.  From cool, calm and collected – to scalding hot and ready to blow up.

Jerks,”  Genna blurted in a loud exhalation of breath,  “They’re superstitious jerks, both of them.” 

Grabbing her bag and her tea, she stood abruptly, making the chair protest by squealing against the tile as it was pushed out.

Just because it was Friday the 13th, the world had to stop? 

Genna had set up this coffee date with 2 of her best friends, Naomi and Mark.  Both had said yes, but obviously they hadn’t noticed the date on the calendar when they’d done so.  Genna knew what day it was, and that usually everyone stayed behind closed doors on Friday the 13th.  It was silly, really.  It was just another day, after all.

I mean, really.

Nothing was going on here.  She was the only person in the coffee shop, except the coffee dude.  He was back there, busily mixing potions for coffees and teas behind the counter, frothing milk and…. putting hot dogs in the microwave?  Wait… what?  They didn’t serve hot dogs here. 

As he wandered into the back part of the shop, Genna moved up to the counter to put her tray down, and snuck a glance at what was on the other tray sitting in front of the small microwave.  The coffee shop used it to heat up things like cookies and specialty sandwiches, but they didn’t serve things as mundane as hot dogs. 

Hot dogs…no… hot dogs don’t come with fingernails.

The hair stood up on the back of Genna’s neck, and a shiver ran down her arms as she realized what was going on.  Taking a step back, she bumped into another person.  The coffee guy, whose breath was hot on her neck. 

“You should have stayed home today, ma’am.  Most people are bright enough to be afraid and stay out of our way on the 13th.  But I guess you’re just not that smart.”

The coffee shop opened bright and early on Saturday the 14th.  The floor, spotless, not even really showing where the blood had stained the grout between the tiles.

Jerry, the coffee guy, smiled as he watched the customers meandering in for their morning caffeine fix.  Yesterday was over, and it was a new day.  Time to make the coffee.

Runaway Train

Lately my life has felt somewhat like this:

  The train is barreling down the track, and I haven’t been able to decide where I am in relation to the train.

Am I on the train?  Am I driving it, and haven’t figured out that the brakes work?  Am I in front of the train, and have no hope of getting off the tracks in time…

Or am I standing on the platform in the station, watching it as it speeds past?

Everything’s been moving at light-speed, barely giving me a moment to catch my breath from one stop to the next.  And while I’m moving as fast as I can, just to keep up… I’m not sure I have the brain power to keep moving this fast and furiously forever.

Not that all of it’s been bad.

Why do you have a problem with HappyMom?

There have definitely been some good things going on, and I’m happy about them.  Getting to know A better has absolutely been a good thing.  Being able to spend time with him, getting to know his kids, it’s been a whilrwind – but one I’m glad to be caught up in.  I wouldn’t change that, because it’s been a lot of fun, and I’m smiling more, giggling, even… it’s enough to make YoungerDaughter comment “Geez, Mom – you’re worse than a teenager!” 

To which I say “And that’s bad, why?”

And the anticipation time for the new grand-baby coming is growing.  We’re only a couple of weeks away from EldestDaughter’s due date, and she’s getting ever more impatient.  I’ve almost resigned myself to the fact that she’s going to find a way to get on the back of a motorcycle on a bumpy country road, just to be done with this already!

I laugh about it, but I remember that same feeling – oh so very well. 

But there have been other things, not-so-happy things, that have been zooming past, daring me to keep up or be left behind.  The situation with EldestDaughter has been a difficult one, and there are still some unresolved issues.  I know that we’ll work them out, get her life back on track and going in a healthy direction.  It’s just hard – knowing that I can’t actually do anything to catalyze the change.  ED has to do that herself.  I’m just here as support staff.

So, where does that leave me in relation to the train?  Hell if I know.

Somedays, I’m on it, watching the scenery slide past in a watercolor blur, not knowing which station I’ll get spat out at.

Some days – I’m driving the train – blowing the whistle and laughing my head off at the sheer exhiliration of the speed we’re travelling.  Hair blowing around my face, and my eyes shining, I look forward in anticipation of what’s going to appear seconds away just up over that ridge.  I’m strong, and ready for it.

Some days…. I feel more like this:

I guess – it’s all just a matter of perspective?

Eternal Sunshine of a Twisted Mind

Sunshine… on my shoulders… makes me happy…

Sunshine… in my eyes can make me cry…

Sunshine on the water looks so lovely…

And it looks even better on my blog!

I was surprised and pleasantly so, yesterday, when I was informed by a visitor that she had given me the Sunshine Award!

Dr. Sherry E. Showalter nominated me for this, and I am honored to accept, after checking out her blog, and learning that she is a speaker and psychotherapist about loss and grief, and has written a book entitled “Healing Heartaches – Stories of Loss and Life”.

Helping others deal with loss is something that I’m familiar with, and it’s something that fulfills me in a way I never thought possible.  And finding other people out there (of which I’ve met SO MANY since I’ve started blogging) who lend their shoulders, ears, hearts, and hankies to others to help them through the grieving process – it’s amazing at the generosity of the human race behind the scenes.  These healers of the heart, often wounded themselves in some way, are almost never recognized for all they do, or for everyone they’ve helped.  But I aim to recognize some of them today!

And now, for the instructions. I was told to answer some questions, so here you go!

Favorite Animal:   Ok, so I know it’s supposed to be a “real” animal… but I can’t choose just one.  Cats, dogs, horses, goats, mice, hamsters, ferrets, teenage children… they’re all beloved animals to me!

Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Diet Coke
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
My Passion: Writing, truly – madly – deeply
Getting or Giving Presents: Sure, I like getting, but I’d rather give.  I like watching people’s faces when they open something and realize it’s funny/cute/just what they wanted but didn’t know it/totally twisted and hilarious
Favorite Pattern: Um…Simple…
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday
Favorite Flower: Carnations

And, of course, I’m supposed to nominate others to receive this award as well!  All deserving, and you should really go check them out –

1.  Mark – The Idiot:  Don’t let the nickname fool you, he’s one of the warmest, funniest, most compassionate people I’ve ever met.  And, he’s totally twisted too, so GO READ!  His blog is The Idiot Speaketh, and I’m honored to call him my BloggingBigBro.  Just don’t believe half the stuff you read, cause he’s got a wild imagination, and has no fear of using it to make himself look foolish!

2.  Mary at Fibromy-Awesome:  This gal has a voice that just won’t quit.  She is a funny, positive force out there, working on just getting through every day with a smile and a handful of wisdom that just seems like it’s common sense everyone should know.   

3. Sparrow at Sparrow’s Ramblings:  When you’re talking awards, Sparrow’s always on my list.  She’s one of my best friends, and she has helped me through some really tough times of my own – with a sarcastic wit and a compassionate heart, always willing to take on another’s burdens, in spite of her own life being a whirl of teenagers and jobs and drama that ensues from those. 

4. Dragonfae at Among the Crystals, Dragons and Fae:  A constant source of support and internet hugs, this lady is spectacularly unique and funny.  Smart, as in builds satellites, and wise as in knows the right things to say at the right moments.  Truly, a kick-ass lady with a heart of titanium – because it is stronger and can stand up to the rigors of space, of COURSE!

5. Mckenzie with a lil k at The Unabridged Girl:  This girl, her laughter is infectious; her compassion is boundless, and her talent is limitless.  She has a knack for knowing just what to say or do to make the sun come out on any given gloomy day.  With a quirky sense of humor and a gift for thinking sideways, she’s one of my treasured blogging friends.

Whew… so many people to nominate…

I’m going to stop at 5, instead of the previously stated 10 that Dr. Showalter nominated.  My fingers are all twisted and cramped now, and I don’t want to give anyone too long of a list to go check out all at once!

I’ll just end with this for today:

Even though the paths may wind

Through the shadows in my mind

Even darkness has its end

If you search around the bend

Twisted though the journey be

Sunshine appears – even with me.



For some reason, this number has always caught my eye.

Don’t ask, I have no idea why.

It just does.

Every month, for some reason, I find myself looking forward to the 27th.  Wondering what that day is – if it’s someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or a holiday…

And it almost never is.

Of course, YoungerDaughter’s birthday is on the 27th, but in July.

My anniversary with the ex was on the 27th of June.

The day we bought the house I have now was also on the 27th of June.

And those are the only real occasions I can think of that have anything to do with the 27th of anything.

But still, I just seem to be drawn, inexplicably, to that number.  It’s downright weird.

Yeah, 2 + 7= 9, and 9 is one of my lucky numbers, just as 7 is.  So?  Still doesn’t compute for me.

And yet, here I sit, today… wondering what’s so special about this day.  Today.  January 27th… there’s got to be something, right?

Thoughtful moment:  Sometimes I think I’m really living someone else’s life, just peering through the lens, like in “Being John Malkovich”.  This isn’t really me at the wheel, and I can step out of this if I can only wake up.  Then shit like this might make sense.

Or maybe I’m just completely cracked….. yeah, that could be it.

  Happy Friday, friends!

Punday Funnies

This email I received yesterday was simply too good to pass up on sharing, so…

Enjoy!  And THANKS, SARAH!!

1. The roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference.  He
acquired his size from too much pi.

2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to
be an optical Aleutian

3. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a
weapon of math disruption.

4. No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.

5. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.

6. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum

7. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

8. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

9. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking
into it.

10. Atheism is a non-prophet organization

11. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway.
     One hat said to the other, “You stay here; I’ll go on a head.”

12. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

13. A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: “Keep off the Grass.”

14. The short fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at

15. The man who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned

16. A backward poet writes inverse.

17. When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.

17A.  When cannibals ate a doctor, they got a taste of their own medicine.

18. Don’t join dangerous cults: Practice safe sects!

Happy Friday!

Daughter of Mercury

I am a Gemini.

There’s no denying it, and in fact – I celebrate it, in true Gemini fashion.  I bounce back and forth between ideas, choices, likes/dislikes, never really sure that I want to settle on just one.

I can see things from both sides of the looking glass. (Something my mother pushed “See things from their point of view, not just your own”)  Well, I didn’t ever have to look very hard, because there I was, looking back from the other side, waving at myself.

This can make decision-making very difficult.

If not downright impossible.

Gemini, the astrological sign, is the sign of the twins, Castor and Pollux, from ancient mythology.  It is ruled by the planet Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods of ancient Olympus. 

And it is an Air sign.  Hence, part of the title of this, my home blog. 

Geminis are known for their “mercurial” nature, a quick-wittedness and ability to communicate well with others. We are also known to change our minds quite frequently.

Sometimes, people think we’re just plain flighty

Sometimes, it’s true.

We’re also known for being intellectuals, with a large imagination and a finely-tuned sense of humor. 

And, yes, we’re known for our mood-swings. 

 Next one?  6 minutes.  Buckle Up.

I am a Gemini.

And while there are days when I come off as being a totally sarcastic hardcase who can take it as well as dish it out…

There are other days when I’m a bowl of mush, easily upset, and taking off-hand comments totally to heart. 

I am both sides of the coin – light and dark – happy and sad – easy going and tough as nails. 

And there are times that certain people in my life forget that I’m not just the “hardcase”, that I’m also a sentimental, optimistic, and empathetic person.  I have feelings, and it can be quite easy to tromp on them, without thinking too hard. 

That happened this week.  And while I can forgive the unintentional slight, I can’t forget the fact that the person who made the comment that hurt me, really hasn’t bothered to get to know me at all.  He doesn’t seem to care about my interests, my life, my hobbies, nor does he seem to want to be a part of it, or have me be a real part of his.

I am a Gemini.

Which means that like every other decision in my life, this one hasn’t been easy.  This person is someone that I met shortly after my divorce was finalized, and he made me feel good about myself again, attractive, fun, funny. 

But it seems it was all just on the surface.  And I’m more than that.  I deserve more than that.  And so, in true Gemini fashion – I looked at it from the other side of the fence.

And decided to keep walking.

Moving on…..