A Handful of Days

The nightmares are getting worse. The dreams more vivid.  I know it’s because of the pain meds,  but there’s nothing I can do, other than trying to suffer through.

Either I’m in pain and lose sleep because of it…

Or I take the pain meds, have nightmares, & wake in the middle of the night because of it.

I choose the nightmares.

Clones, aliens, time travel, villains, monsters, venomous snakes, horrible family arguments. 

Yeah, I’ve seen all of these behind my eyelids, lately. Vivid, so real that I’ve woken up crying or shaking,  or yanking my feet up to my chest (that was the snakes…Fucking cobras, don’t judge ).

I have only a couple weeks to go until I get the issue solved. 

Only a few more days…

Just let me get through them.