Paranormal Activities – Act 2

So, we had a resident ghost when we moved in.  I told OtherHalf about what had happened, and he was skeptical.  This didn’t bother me at all, as he and I have agreed to disagree on many subjects, not just the paranormal.  He has had his own inexplicable experiences, but chooses not to pursue explanations for them.  His choice. 

I choose to believe. 

I don’t scare easily, either.  Sure, the suddenness of the experience startled me, but it didn’t put me off in the slightest.  On the contrary, I was intrigued.  I set out to make contact, figure out why D had decided to speak to me, what was keeping him here, as much information as I could get.

I read as much as I could (which was actually very little), mostly just the obituaries that had been posted in the local newspaper.  I also talked to the one neighbor that had quite a lot to say about the couple that had lived in the house.  They were a very loving couple, the neighbor told me.  Very devoted to one another, and when D had passed, his wife had gone into a severe decline.  This caused the one daughter to check in with her every couple of days, even though she lived out of state at the time.  When she hadn’t heard from her mother for a few days, and couldn’t get an answer from the phone, she’d called the local emergency services, who had battered the door down, only to find the lady in question on the living room floor, passed on.  From what the neighbor told me, she had simply given up. 

All this led me to believe that D had “stayed on” in the house, watching over his love.  Everything I’d learned about hauntings up to this point told me that when there’s a spirit in a house, it’s usually because there’s something holding them there.  Someone that doesn’t want to let go, can’t let go, of the person that has passed.  It “binds” the spirit of that person to the place, and only by letting them go, by giving them “permission” to leave, do they actually move on.

I didn’t think D knew that his love had also passed over, so he saw us as interlopers.  Trespassers that didn’t belong.

Over the next few weeks, I did have those feelings like someone was watching us, and I decided that it wasn’t fair that he felt he had to stay on this side of the veil.  He belonged with his love, and should be “allowed” to go.  I chose a night to talk to him. 

There were no special trappings, no candles or incense.  It was just me, talking softly.  I sat down in the basement, (his chosen space, as he had a “workroom” set up down there for tools and such) and told him calmly this:

“D, first, you are welcome to stay if you really feel like it.  I know that you don’t mean anyone here any harm.  But, your wife has passed over to your side.  She is not here any longer.  I appreciate that this was your home.  You raised your children here, and you and your wife spent many happy years here.  We are going to take good care of the house, and we are going to raise our children here as well.  If you want to stay, or just to check in once in a while, you are welcome to.  But you really should look on your side for your love.  She’s there now.”

There were nights after that when I would be sitting on the computer in the basement, and I’d suddenly feel hands on my shoulders.  I’d turn, expecting my OtherHalf, but there was no one there.  I’d hear someone speak softly and low, “How’s it going?”  And I’d know it was him.  I’d tell him everything was fine, and it would be quiet again.  I’d see a tall, thin shadow of a person on the far wall, or walking down the upstairs hall, and know that he was “checking in”. 

And, about a year after we moved in, almost exactly on the anniversary date when we first moved in, it all stopped. 

We’ve had other occurrences in the house, small things, and the girls will tell me “We have a visitor”, but nothing like that first year.  And every year, I tell the spirits “You’re welcome to check in, as long as you play nice.  You mess with anyone here, though?  You’ve got to deal with me.”

‘Cause you don’t mess with the head witch.