DP- Burn

Here’s my contribution to the Daily Prompt…for the first time.

I am impatient, I know this.  For some things in my life, I fume and yearn, I struggle and strain. And I burn.

I strive towards my desired goal, straining at any harness, any obstacle in my way. I curse, loudly and often, when impeded.

Some call this ambition, some greed. Some merely call it impatience or impetuousness.

I call it passion.

It drives me as an artist, pushing me to seek higher forms in my creativity. It goads me into taking chances with the medium I use. And, sometimes it works.

Sometimes it fails.

It seduces me in my life, luring me into taking chances with relationships, knowing full well the cost I’ll end up paying. I cannot shake the siren’s song…the possibility of heart’s warmth, of that overwhelming emotion…the hope for love, I seek the heat, the spark, the flash.

Sometimes this passion for experience, this yearning towards the light ahead…

Lures me into the flames.

And I burn.

There is pain, pain I’ve felt many times before, pain I will feel again. Even though life has sought to teach me caution, I cannot ignore the flames.

And I burn.

And as the ashes settle into new forms, dusty & forgotten by those around-

I rise again.

Because I’m a fucking phoenix.

I live to burn.