The Value of One Human Life

Today’s post is not a happy one.

Today’s post is about tragedy on a local scale, and on a global scope.

Today’s post is about the death of a 19-month old little boy that didn’t have to die.

On Monday, there was a story floating around our fair city, about a little boy, not yet 2 years old, was in the hospital after police were called to the house because the child wasn’t breathing.  The mother and her boyfriend were arrested, on the charge of felony child abuse.

People actually posted pictures on Facebook, supposedly of a bruised and beaten little boy, lying in a hospital bed.  I didn’t look at them, I couldn’t bear it.

Early Tuesday morning, it was reported that the little boy had died from his injuries.

The adults are now in jail, pending a further investigation, and the charges have been changed to murder.

I don’t know either of the people involved and charged in this crime.

I never met the little boy, or any of his family.

But I weep, nonetheless.

I know, murder happens everyday.  Child abuse, neglect, they all happen, all over the world, every day.

I’m not saying that this one is more important than any other, nor that this one is worse than any other.

I simply weep.

For the value of this one human life, this innocent child, was ignored.

By his own mother.

She threw him away, broken.

And it can never be the same.