Full Dark, No Stars

There is a part of me that dwells in Silence; content, quiet, serene. She is the Watcher, the one who sees – everything, and speaks nothing.  When I sit in that realm of silence, I hear all the whispered words, notice the changes of mood, of feeling, and gather the minutiae into myself. I…observe and learn.

There is a part of me that dwells in Chaos. Frantic scurryings of thought, painful jumbles of words, and the ever-present hisssss of static whispers sounding in my head, too loud to shut out, not loud enough to discern a pattern. When I am in chaos, I tense, not knowing which direction to take, too much input coming in, I panic & shut down, overloaded & shaking. I…exist in constant fear and anxiety.

There is part of me that dwells in Rage. Heat courses through my veins, surging as I fight my way through the trials in front of me. Electricity rockets through my brain, lighting up the centers of pain, sending my voice into overdrive as I announce my anger, vent my frustrations at that which seeks to defeat me. When I dwell in rage, my mouth runs a mile a minute, close behind my brain, almost tripping me into inexcusable words…almost. The warrior takes the reins & lashes out, burning down all in her path. I…am fury and storm and destruction.

There is part of me that dwells in Joy. Simple, thoughtful moments become transcendent through a smile, a word, a gentle touch. Extravagance is unnecessary, for joy is little things…a hand holding mine, a secret smile, a whispered affection, watching the joy of a loved one, giving a gift for no other reason than because I can, and like seeing them happy. When I dwell in joy, I am effervescent, laughing & totally relaxed and tightly wound, all at the same time. I…am sacred.

And there is part of me that dwells in Darkness. She with no name, no face, no voice or meaning. It is the bottomless pit, with no reprieve; the crushing weight of ages presses in without relief. There is no “up” in the black, no down, no sideways, no out. When I dwell in darkness, I am alone, numb to all emotion, cut off from all, even myself. I…am Full Dark, No Stars.

Those who wish to know where I dwell at any moment must know the key to seeing. 

Eyes…and hands.

Watch them, and you’ll know which way the sky turns. 

Times & Anxiety

Anxiety has been at a peak for a while now, and I’ve been working on getting through it. It’s not always easy, & some days, the anxiety overrides everything else, & I’m left clutched in it, and all the side effects that come with it.

There are some ways I’ve found to combat the anxiety, though, & for me, at least… It helps…mostly.

In no particular order:

1. Music.  Different moods require different genres. Some days I’m Enya & Chopin, Halsey, Adele & Sara Bareilles.

Other days, I’m Metallica & Linkin Park, AC/DC, and Ozzy.

And some days, I’m Ruelle, Twenty One Pilots, Sia, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Meghan Trainor & Bollywood music.

Music helps, and sometimes, I hear it without the radio, softly humming in my head, the background noise of the earth, like a singing bowl, just a soft, lilting ringing…

2. Candles. I have a few. Different scents for different moods. Soft ones, light & clean ones, heavy woodsy ones, spicy, energetic ones. Lit, they fill the house with whatever scent I need at the moment, changing the mood of the room…and me.

3.  Sally.

She always knows when I need to snuggle, & she’s right there, in my lap, in my face, purring like a rough motor, & determined to be as close as possible.

4. Hot water.  Whether a bath or shower, there is a calming that falls over me in the hot water. If my water heater was larger, I’d spend hours in the water. 

I also love the rain…something about it, whether the sound, the smell in the air, or watching the drops roll down the window – something just – hits me in the feels, when it rains.

5. Soft fabrics.  I’ve said before that I’m a tactile person. When I’m stressed, or anxious, soft, comfy fabrics, warm, fuzzy clothes & blankets… They work. Curl up in my chair, or snuggle up in bed, & I automatically feel better.

6. Crafts & home renovations.  I almost forgot! Crafting is like meditation for me, taking my attentions & stresses, & turning them to concentration on creating something new from bits & pieces. Home renovations are like that, too. Changing my surroundings to something more my taste, & doing something positive that will make my home a more soothing place. I’ve been painting walls in my home, going from a dirty beige to a clean, crisp, light grey. Knowing that I’m doing these things independently, accomplishing more every time I pick up the roller & brushes, the craft supplies, makes me feel good.  And the results show that I am making strides in changing my world & life for the better.

First time trying to post a home video…

And the cat you hear crying in the background? Chloe…OnlySon’s minion, trying to videobomb me…sheesh.

These methods don’t always work, but they do help most of the time. And when they don’t…

I deal.

Because I know that Time passes, & eventually… So does the anxiety.

Note to Self

I’m usually pretty good at remembering stuff.

Especially when it’s useless stuff.

But lately, I’ve been writing a lot of notes to self, instead. 

Some of them, are very helpful, seeing as how I’m pretty much doin’ things on my own now.


* Make sure you write down the size of furnace filters we need.  You only have one left.  You’re gonna need more in about a month.  Don’t forget, or the furnace starts to whistle like a teapot.  Teapot whistling is bad.

* Plug in all the new phones…. and don’t forget to unplug them tomorrow.  Service is scheduled to start up on Tuesday.  Make sure you carry both phones on Tuesday.  You can’t be without a phone for a whole day, now that you’re basically a single parent.  Phoneless is bad.

And then… there’s the other stuff.  Stuff I remember, or that simply rattle around in my brain, until I get a logical answer to questions I’m asking myself…. and they’re not all easy questions, nor do I know if I’m going to find answers, rational or otherwise.  Because the questions are more about emotions, and that’s not logical, or rational, at all.

*  Why am I so bothered that “he” doesn’t show more emotion over the divorce?  He’s been pleasant, too much so, and it’s got me confused, and angry.  I know that I wanted the divorce to be amicable, and I don’t want to fight with him anymore, nor do I want to reconcile.  His coldness, and lack of affection, was one of the reasons why I decided I couldn’t stay in the marriage anymore, anyway.  Maybe, it’s the fact that it’s been 14 years of my life.  And now… it’s just…. poof.  Or maybe, I just want some sign of feeling, some regret.  Some sense that I meant something.

*  I’ve been having such vivid dreams, the last few nights.  It’s been a long time since they were this real and colorful.  And they’re not nightmares.  This means something.  This means…. that I’m starting to open up again.  I’m not all bound up inside, like I was, repressing everything.  Even though some of the dreams have been strange, like the “vampire slaying” dream… I was with old friends, working toward slaying demons.  Sounds like exactly what I’ve been working on, only with less pointy teeth, and more internal psychobabble.

*  Why have I fallen so far behind on reading others’ blogs?  Why have I stopped socializing?  I think, maybe, it’s because I don’t like putting my problems on others.  I keep telling people that “I’m fine”.  I’m not, but I’ve always hated asking for help, for any reason.  I need to work on that.  I also need to stay in contact with others, on purpose, until I get to the point where I don’t have to think about it, I just do it.  I’ve just been so tired, and when I’m exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally, I just can’t summon the will to work at it.  I’m going to work at it anyway.

*  Why have I stopped working on my crafts?  I have a tree I started, another wire tree, and I put it up and left it.  I know that I’ve been busy, but working on my craft projects makes me happy, and I put that away.  I have to stop putting away that which makes me happy.

Yeah, it’s time to start working on the book again, too.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot… storyline and plot, characters and focus.  Focus.  I need more of that.  Can I order that online??

Note to Self:  Start living your life again.  It’s time.