A Little This and That

*So, I took a couple of days off from the blog, as I had yesterday off from work.  I normally don’t post on weekends, anyway, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it.  Tired, and drug out, I think it’s just a delayed reaction from all the tension. 

Anyway, I felt like maybe I should post a couple of fun little things that I did for a co-worker, that I’ll call “R”.  She always used to talk about how she’d lose her “Train of Thought”….

So I made her one.

Well, technically, I didn’t make the train, I just painted the little “thought cloud” on it.  It was a spur-of-the-moment craft project, so I didn’t paint the whole thing.  I did this one a few years back, at the old job (we’ve worked together for 10 years now, and she was one of the original people to jump to the company I work at now) and she’s had it with her ever since, even bringing it with her to the new job.  I love that she still gets a kick out of it! 

So, when I was shopping in a second-hand store a few weeks back, I came across something else that I had to get for this same lady.  Just because my brain thinks that way.

Yep.  A “Think Tank”.  It was sitting all by its lonesome on a shelf of sweaters (cause that’s normally where you keep the tanks, right?) when I saw it.  My first thought was “Yup, think tank.  I’ve got to get that for R.”

No joke.  When I say that I think sideways, I usually mean it!

Needless to say, R loved it, and it sits now with her “Train of Thought” on the front of her desk.  Conversation starters, that’s for sure.