Sister Grimm

Thanks, Mckenzie, for the inspiration!

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been coordinating with my friend Sparrow on some story writing over at our blog called Two Be Named.  (It’s on my blogroll Homepages if you want to visit)

But what I haven’t said yet, is that I’ve been working on something of a fairytale.  It’s called “Come Along With Me”, and I have quite a bit of it written already.  There’s still a long way to go, but I’m hoping to finish it soon.  I got rather bogged down in the spot that I’m at now, and might change some of it to get the flow up and going again.  We’ll see. 

What I wanted to announce, though, is that I’m contemplating doing the NaNoWriMo this year.  It’s a daunting prospect, and I’m not sure if I’ve got what it takes to finish in time.  But, I’m getting more and more serious about it as the days go by. 

I think I might actually take the leap.

Now, I’m not looking at these stories that I’m publishing on the blogs to go anywhere, not really.  I’m writing them because they’re inside me.  And they’re most insistent on getting out.  I like getting feedback on the stuff I write, no lie, but I’m not looking (well, not too hard, anyway) towards getting published.  It’s fun for me, and something I love. 

Writing, though, is not like the photography, and the painting, the sculpting, and all the other artsy things I like to do.  Those I pick up, put down, leave to gather dust for years on end, and maybe, possibly pick up again.  Those are hobbies, just for me to do them, and then usually to give the results away.

What I’m contemplating with my writing now is this- if this latest story is a success, I may just tackle another old mythological story, and re-write it into a fairytale setting, switching Bullfinch’s Mythology to Brothers, or rather, Sister Grimm. 

Me - after a hard day's writing


And then, maybe, just maybe, move the stories forward in time again, to the present day, and then again, into the realm of Science Fiction.  Could be a cool concept.  Have to think about that further though.

*wanders off, scratching head*

**Added Later:  Ok, so I went ahead and joined up.  Crap.  Time for the nerves to set in now.***