Silver Stars, Jingle Bells & Silence.

All is quiet today. 

The gifts were all unwrapped yesterday, the squeals of joy still echoing softly within my memories. 

The food, copious amounts of holiday delectables, were all devoured, the leftovers packed & sent along, saving only a few, choice morsels for myself.

The hugs & kisses warm me when I think back, bringing a lump to my throat & a gleam to my eye, as I know it’ll be a long stretch before it happens again.

But yesterday was successful and merry, just what I wanted for my Solstice gift.

And today…I spend alone.

You see, I am Pagan. I don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. Mine happened days ago, on the 21st, the Winter/Yule Solstice. To me, it is a time of homemade, heart-made gifts, not all of the tangible & able to be wrapped in brightly -colored paper. Sometimes, it’s as simple as someone not-Pagan remembering to wish me a “Blessed Yule”. It shows they were thinking of me, & thoughtful enough to remember that my holidays are different, but are not forgotten.

Other times, it’s a child offering their help with preparations, without being asked, &/or just doing something helpful without my knowledge. 

I do participate in the tradition of gift-giving, & my family has done this on Xmas Eve for many years. There are many reasons for this, but the simplest is that my children all go to their fathers’ on Xmas Day. 

So, Xmas Day is my Quiet Day.

A day of contemplation & relaxation. One I usually spend in decadent repose, lounging in my jammies, hair wild from sleep & no desire to “fix it”.

A day of grazing on leftover treats…a little pumpkin pie for lunch, some fudge for snack…maybe some stuffing, veggies & mashed potatoes mixed together with turkey for supper. 

I miss my kids, don’t get me wrong. 

I loved having all 3 home again, noisy & raucous, leaving little messes lying around of drink cups & my grandson’s toys. It’s odd to not hear him saying “Gramma…you know what-uh?” 

Speed Racer in his race car, complete with padded “helmet”.

But, last night, after all the hustle & bustle of the rituals of food & gifts… There was the chaos of the leave-taking. Packing items for travel, packaging leftovers for a long haul to Washington for EldestDaughter & her SO, for the shorter trek for YoungerDaughter back to her apartment, & getting OnlySon ready to go to his father’s.

And…when all had departed for their next destinations, I was left staring at the silent night, inside and out.

The silver Star atop my tree will join the jingle bells I had hanging next to the door – both will be put away tonight, clearing the holiday decorations swiftly, now that the revelers have fled.

And I spend today alone, watching the silent snow fall, content with yesterday’s success, mourning it’s passing, & hoping for the new year to be brighter.

Happy Holidays, all.

(EldestDaughter, OnlySon, & YoungerDaughter)

From our homes & hearts to yours.

EldestDaughter, SO, & Grandson. (Newest grandson also in picture, but not snuggleable till Feb. release date!)

May your days be Merry & Bright!

Filling My Time

I’ve been posting here quite a bit, recently…at least in comparison to recent months.

But, that’s not all I’ve been working on.

I adopted a ferret.  Name? Vin Wiesel.


Very cute, and eminently sweet, he fits right into the madhouse.

I’ve also been working madly on making Xmas/Yule gifts for friends & family.  I’m still working on some, but here’s a few of the things I’ve got.


Something for my mom, whose birthday is Xmas Eve. This bugger took ForEver.


Bubble bag

A “bubble bag”, meant for holding soap, & being a crocheted loofah…


The flipside colors of another bubble bag.


A jewelry plaque. There are small hooks coming out of the flowers to hold necklaces, bracelets,  rings…


Unfinished Xmas ornament. It’ll be a cowboy hat with a name & year on it when I’m done.


2 more unfinished ornaments. The one on the right will, of course, be a “Sheriff’s badge”, complete with year & name.


And the latest… a cowboy boot that will also get painted, a name & year.

I have a couple more things to make before our family’s early Xmas this year. (Another story for another day)

Oh, plus I have 2 more ceremonies coming up this month, yet. 1 wedding, & 1 commitment ceremony. (The commitment ceremony is for a couple that can’t get legally married due to certain financial reasons – a pension & an ex are involved, so it’s not really a choice for them, but they want to celebrate their commitment anyway.)

Along with doctor’s appointments, wherein I get shuffled, stabbed & stared at intensely…but no definitive answers yet…

But that’s how I’ve been filling my time.
Staying busy, & keeping my nose to the wheel.