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On All Hallows Eve


Twas on All Hallows Eve
By the dark of the moon
The witches did gather
To draw out the runes.

Fortunes to tell
They danced ’round the fire
Reading the smoke
As it swirled ever higher

Beloved, the dead,
did cling close this night
As Seers conversed with them
No fear held, no fright.

Then feasting and laughter
Did fill the full dark
As witches and spirits both
This hallowed eve did they mark.

For the veil thinned as clouds
Twixt this world and that
To allow the spirits their crossing
Swift as the flight of a bat.

Honored ancestors,
We welcome you here.
On this sacred ‘Eve
We bid you draw near.

Come sup with us, share with us,
We lend you our light,
As we honor the love still felt
On this Hallowed Samhain night.

4 thoughts on “On All Hallows Eve

    • This is a picture of my favorite park in the whole world. It is full of enormous oak trees, and yes, is a perfect place to dance. Thanks for the visit!

  1. Yay! I adore the poem. : ) Like I say every time I read someone’s poetry, I admire that you can write poetry, because it is so NOT my forte. Maybe that is why I like reading it so much?


    • Aw, thanks, lil k! I get into these moods, where the words just come, and I have to let them out. Sometimes it works, sometimes… not so much.
      But I have to let them out, anyway! 🙂

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