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I’ve been looking around today, watching for that “something unique”.  Something to fill me with wonder and thoughtfulness.

I’d like to be able to say that it popped right out at me, jumped up, planted a big kiss on my forehead and said “it’s about time you noticed me!”, and filled me with warm, fuzzy feelings.

I’d like to be able to say that.

The reality is… I had a rough, emotionally draining night, last night. Warm fuzzy feelings were not readily available today.


Today, my children came home from their separate holidays.  And one by one, as they came through the door, I started to feel lighter, warmer.  Even EldestDaughter will be here, along with her fiancée, and then my home will be full once again.  Alive with young, happy people. 

That is a wonderful, warm-fuzzy feeling.

My children regularly fill me with awe.  The way they see the world, individually and uniquely, is a gateway for me to see it through their eyes.  And that is enough for me, today.

The Goddess gifted me with the caretaking of these 3 beautiful people, and they still choose to share their worlds with me, inviting me into their lives and letting me love them with all I have inside. 

That is my wonder of the day.  Blessed Be.

4 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. I had the same feeling New Years Eve, and was lucky to be pleasantly surprised by the end of the evening. Isn’t it amazing how little miracles pop up like that when you least expect it?

    Happy New Year, Sister…I hope this new year brings you much peace, happiness and tranquility.

    • Oh, my friend, I hope for all “little” miracles this year. Doesn’t it seem that when the BIG miracles happen, it’s normally because there’s been a BigBad to go with it? So… hoping for little miracles only! 🙂 (HUGS)

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