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Back Burner

Life has been complicated,  messy, & anxiety-ridden lately.

Umm… well, it’s always been that way, but it’s been that times about 5 for the last few weeks.

I’ve tacked back on some extra stress flab, & am trying really hard to correct that, watching what I eat, getting outside more to do yardwork, & contemplating working out. (Thinking about it really hard works brain cells, so why can’t it burn calories too? Something doesn’t seem quite right with that)

I just haven’t been much in the mood to write.

I’m sure some of my regulars have noticed a dearth of words here. 

Even the fiction has been virtual- virtually non-existent.  It’s been ages since I posted any flash fiction.

The creativity has been channeling into crafts, instead of the blog.

I’d apologize… but I’m not really sorry.

Take a look at what has been crafted in the last month………..


Made a cat tower out of some old “under-the-bed” drawers & some old carpet sticky squares & rope.


Finished a dresser my dad gave me- I love the raw wood color, so I just put a couple coats of polyurethane spray on it, filled nail holes, & put on the drawer pulls & keyhole covers.


Made a sign for my dad (a belated father’s day gift). Those are the grandson’s handprints at the bottom. He does a lot of woodworking, & has a whole old house filled with his projects, tools, etc.

And, the piece de resistance is…
A nightstand I’ve got about 20 hours of work into, sanding, painting…


After sanding…


Liquid gold paint on the 2 opposing sides…




And now…



Updated – Finished the blossoms on the opposite side tonight. Accent colors tomorrow, & it’ll be finished before the weekend!

Cherry blossoms.

Then, I’ll fill in texture & depth colors, and poly – coat it to protect when I’m finished.

Everything else, including blogging much, has gone on the back-burner for now.

But I ain’t dead yet.

5 thoughts on “Back Burner

  1. Wow! Good for you on not being sorry. You are doing what you need to do and we (your loving fans) are not going anywhere and only want what’s best for you. You worded it all so well. You ARE a very good writer. Uh, let’s talk about a real issue….you have SKILLS and I love the dresser and its transformation! It’s fricking beautiful! Again, you take care of you first and I need to learn more of that, so you inspire me. I worry I’ve lost my touch. You can’t force your blogging though – so, I’ll write when it feels right. However, like it or not, you have wonderful skill with your words. Don’t worry, that’s not going anywhere! Still and ALWAYS a fan of my Brea. You are a good soul.

    • Awww…*sniffle* LD! Thanks! I’ve always enjoyed your writing, whether you’re making me laugh, or think really hard (smoke out the ears hard, mind you). There’s no way you’ve lost your touch, because you always speak from the gut.

      I’m really enjoying the crafting, it’s cathartic & meditative for me. But, I won’t leave here again. I’m kinda stuck on the ol’gal Brea. 🙂

  2. and because I’m still on some pain meds 1) I used the word wonderful too much, so throw in some “stunnings” and “breath-taking” in there and 2) I meant the nightstand transformation…not dresser.

    Sigh. See…losing my touch, but I’ll blame the drugs for now.

  3. I admit I didn’t have my coffee yet but can’t we like individual posts? Oh well, LOVE it and LOVE LOVE your crafts!!! Especially the Papa’s shop. 🙂 I used to call my grandpa that. And the hand prints…too cute! Do what feels right, it will come.

    • I’m not sure what you’re seeing on your screen, but yes, you should be able to like individual posts…? Thanks for the nice compliments! The crafts that I’ve been working on have been a lot of fun. Keeps me mostly out of trouble, anyway.

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