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Punching the Clock

Life’s schedule has been thrown off lately. 

Normally I blog during my breaks, reading other’s posts during my lunch, or on a break, or in the evening at home.  I always wrote “fresh”, though.  In my mind, it was “Think it, write it, publish it – immediately.”

But between the novel, the remodel at work, the “stay-cation” that OtherHalf’s been on, and various and sundry other reasons, I’ve been punching a different clock.

The “schedule” clock.

For about a week and a half, I’ve been writing my posts the night before, and scheduling them to post the following morning, while I’m busy with other things.  And, there’s a reason for this.

I’ve noticed over the last year, that most of the people that I’ve met during blogging, are online/blogging/surfing/whatever, in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours.  At least the ones that I read the most, post around that time.  Sometimes one of my friends will post in the evening, and I find a new golden entry when I log on late at night. It’s like finding a cupcake you didn’t know was in the cupboard, complete with fluffy frosting and chocolate shavings.

And I nom it – with glee.

But there are times, like tonight, when I feel like a bit of an imposter.  I’m writing this Thursday night, and it won’t be posted till Friday morning.

By then, my brain will be full of other bloggable things.  Possibly funnier, thoughtfuler (yes, I just made that up, thanks), better bloggier things.

I should really come up with a Friday Filosophy post…

But, instead, it’s True Confessions.  And I’m confessing that I’m pre-writing most of my thoughts these days, hoping that it’s something worthwhile, and hoping that you all like it. 

I don’t know why I worry about this.  I mean, after all, many of the bloggers that I read, write things over time, planning, typing, editing, polishing, shining.  And I enjoy their posts immensely.  So, what’s the deal? 

The deal is, that I’ve never been much of a planner.  I’m more of a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kind of gal.  I wing it.  Ask Sparrow.  She’ll tell you that she’s the mastermind behind the planning of the picnics we’ve had.  Actually, she’ll deny being organized, so I’ll tell you.  She gets the place in the park reserved.  She’s the one that usually brings the stuff that I forget completely.  She won’t admit it, but she’s more organized than most people I know.  My SparrowSis is amazing that way.

When I write, it’s all off the cuff.  I don’t plan.  I don’t outline.  I’m having a terrible time organizing my thoughts for this upcoming Wicca 101 class I’m supposed to teach, because I dread the thought of putting a curriculum down on paper, and having it go awry, or miss something.  And yet, I know that I need planning to make sure I get everything in there.


So, I’m working on time-management.  That’s what this last week and a half has been about.  Trying to come up with a workable schedule to try to fit in everything that I need to accomplish in the hours between “grr-morning” and “yaaawwwwn-bedtime”.

And “punching the clock” is taking on a whole new meaning.


10 thoughts on “Punching the Clock

  1. Keep punching that clock sister! I write up much of my stuff in advance and then just schedule them to post…….. you know…what with my busy schedule of doing nuttin…sittin round…starin at the wall….droolin…… 🙂 Don’t worry about planning your blogging…..just let it come to ya naturally. If you sit down and write out three posts in one sitting, just schedule them to post over the next few days and relax and take care of your other stuff….. quit stressing!! 🙂 Have a great day! throw something at Dawn for me!

    • OK! LOL, she actually sits in a whole ‘nuther part of the office, so I have to get up, walk around the river, through the woods, and over the bridge, to get to her desk! But it’s worth it! 😀

      It’s hard, keeping my fingers off the keyboard during the day, not posting immediately when I think of something. I’m gonna have to start keeping notes in my crackberry – course, by the time I get home, the way I take notes? It won’t make sense anymore! Hope you have a great weekend – I’m gonna be making chocolate covered potato chips! 😀 nom nom nom nom…..

  2. Honestly, I use to write and then publish as soon as I was done but I just can’t do it anymore. What I’ve been doing is writing and scheduling it in advance. if something comes to mind then I will type that up at publish it. Then I’ll reschedule what I already had planned.

  3. I think there is a time and a season for all things and life makes us change. I’ve watched with amusement at the cries of fury and frustration from inumerable people on Facebook at the new profile. I’d probably not have noticed otherwise; it’s not really much different, to be honest.
    The ability to roll with the punches serves really well in these times. My recent somewhat impromptu retreat stopped my small stones dead, and I don’t know that I can be bothered to return to it.
    I do schedule some things but generally if I am ready, I hit publish.
    Planning is over rated.
    keep on keeping on!!

  4. It’s hard to keep on a blogging schedule. Just do what you can, when you can, and when you feel like it! Like you need ME to tell you this.

  5. I have had a hard time with blogging regularly myself, and perhaps this blogging beforehand and then scheduling to go out later is just what I needed. My thoughts come all in a flurry, and I’d like to blog it all down but I don’t because I don’t want 3+ posts going out all at once. Hmm…I’ll have to look in to that. Thanks for the tip!

    As for my being organized, bless you for thinking so highly of me. All I can say is that you catch me on my only organized times, and even then I’m faking it! You’re right, I’ll never admit to it!


    • LOL, I knew it! I’ve really come to like the scheduling option, it’s hard, though, not to just press “publish” and have 3 or 4 go out at the same time, some nights. I usually schedule the first one that comes to mind, and if I get any others pop into my head, I just publish those right away. *shrug* work in progress – that’s me!

  6. I pre & post date my entries sometimes. If I have a lot to write about, I’ll do several posts at once and space them out over a week. If I’m struggling to come up with stuff, I’ll back date it so it looks as if I’ve written every day. Lately though, I haven’t had the time to do either. 😦

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